Online T's & C's

All discount offers exclude “Promotional items” or “Sale items” unless otherwise specified. All pricing can be confirmed on the business system. All sales stock are subject to being available while stocks last.
If on completion of your order you are not able to receive it, HC cannot store it. HC will not be held responsible for loss or damage to your furniture while in our care after the completion date and you have been notified of required collection or delivery and unable to receive the goods. If after 10 days of completion of your order it has not been collected or delivered, a fee of the greater of R150 per day or 10% of order value will be charged to your account. These storage fees must be paid in full prior to the delivery or release of the product.
While every effort is made to ensure that the product you buy, including timber, fabric or leather corresponds as closely to the information displayed on our website, there may be a chance that they are not identical and slight variances do occur. We regret that no responsibility can be accepted for variations which all add to the unique features of our products.
Every effort is made to ensure the information provided is correct. HC cannot be held responsible for any form of misprint or defect. Details of your order should be checked by yourself and confirmed as correct when your order is placed and signed for by you (We do not hold ourselves responsible for any incorrect orders placed.)
Unless any applicable law prescribes otherwise, any agreement made with HC to buy a product or a connected service, shall be governed by the law applicable to the jurisdiction in which an offer to buy a product is accepted.